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As the connecting element between the frame of the photovoltaic panel and the mounting system, Terragrif™ has undergone several appropriate and individualized developments, in order to be tailored to the panel or the mounting system.


This development work is carried out by the MOBASOLAR design office.
The Terragrif™ product is then tested by the Bureau VERITAS LCIE certification firm.


At the same, the manufacturers of framed photovoltaic panels and mounting systems conduct tests and issue their certifications ensuring that the Terragrif™ complies with their product and that their warranty fully applies.

Innovation adopted

Photovoltaic professionals and installers have already adopted it. The Terragrif™ is listed at the INES (National Institute of Solar Energy): it is presented and implemented regularly as part of QUALIPV training.

“Au nom de tous les installateurs qui ont pu apprécier vos Terragrif™, nous vous remercions et vous félicitons d’avoir inventé une solution aussi simple et rapide à mettre en œuvre.”
INES – octobre 2015

Panel manufacturers

Mounting structure

Other development works are coming soon

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