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Référencée et certifiée par le CSTB dans deux nouveaux ATEc KOGYSUN.

MOBASOLAR, the manufacturer of the Terragrif™, the quick and optimal grounding solution, has designed a specific claw, adapted to the KOGYSUN mounting structure.

Positioned between the KOGYSUN rail and the photovoltaic module frame, the KOGYSUN-specific Terragrif™ provides equipotential bonding between the photovoltaic panel and the mounting structure

On 23rd May 2018, the CSTB commission’s Specialized Group No.21 for “Photovoltaic Processes” which is responsible for formulating Technical Opinions, examined the “Kogysun +” and “Kogysun i+” photovoltaic processes presented by the company KOGYS (David DEJEAN-SERVIERES); associated with the Terragrif™ grounding solution, presented by MOBASOLAR (Marc KELLER).


And on 18th July 2018, the commission validated these solutions and formulated the two technical opinions below:

  • ATEC 21 / 18-63   for the Kogysun + mounting system
    • for using the system on a steel tray


  • ATEC 21 / 18-64   for the Kogysun i+ mounting system
    • for using the system on a metal sandwich panel

This new Terragrif™ completes a catalogue of over 60 claws, suitable for numerous mounting systems around the world.

Backed by an advanced LCIE VERITAS certification protocol, the Terragrif™ specific to the KOGYSUN support is characterized by 4 validation tests:



  1. grounding continuity at various amperages,
  2. salt spray test,
  3. lightning current wave test,
  4. NEW: thermal cycling ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

Ultimately, MOBASOLAR stands out for its reliable and long-lasting Terragrif ™ grounding.

Due to its various technical features, Terragrif™ does not exert random pressure on the panel. The panel surface remains intact and makes it possible to preserve the entire panel warranty.

Combined with the KOGYSUN solution, the Terragrif™ ensures the best equipotential bonding between the panel and the mounting bracket.

All the technical and certification documents are available from MOBASOLAR or on request on the website.